Friday, August 8, 2008

My Brothers!!!

I think the Raksha Bandhan fever has got to me! I am actually writing about them.Gosh..

Being the eldest and the only sister,life has been quite colourful.I still remember the youngest one (he was four and as scrawny as a twig then) escorting me on my walk and ,shouting at some eveteasers,"Oi tere ghar me Maa Bahen Nahin hain kya." I can't forget the look on their faces,it was sheer embarassment.

The middle one, who seemed like the most careless guy around has today evolved into one of the brightest minds I know.He was always my secret-keeper,my confidante.I used to blackmail him with mindless things,and make the poor fellow do all sorts of odd jobs(get my book,get some food,pick up my get the drift) Mean me:)

The eldest one,the rock.As a child he was the rowdiest one around.Would beat up all the kids ,break all sorts of household stuff.Today he is one of the strongest and most responsible guys I know.As calm as the sea on a sunny day.

I remember pestering them for their studies.Checking their pronunciation and their diction.I remember forgetting my arithmetic ,while trying to teach them some.But today I look at them and think ,every second of that time was worth it.

Love you Guys!!!!

Married Happily or Happily Married?

Is there a formula for a happy successful marriage?

Everytime this question crops up,so do innumerable answers.Words like love,commitment,understanding,maturity,adjustment,stability,friendship,togetherness....(actually the list is quite long)are often used.I frequently hear people say ,discuss,discard and then come back to their opinion about the X factor, that makes a relationship out of a marriage.

I have been married for sometime, and at times ponder and wonder about the very same question.As I see succesful marriages around me(my parents have been together for 30 years ),I also see an equal number of unhappy ones.I firmly believe that every individual has a right to being blissful and so if a relationship is not positive and happy ,being in it is unfair to all the individuals involved.

However, the problem lies with our definiton of happiness.Most of us don't know what actually makes us truly blissfully happy.Is it the diamonds,money,cars,beach side house or reading a great book.Our preferences change, every human goes through transformation and therefore so does every marriage.Finding happiness is crucial,but really knowing what makes us happy is the most important thing.