Friday, May 23, 2008

Greatness overdose

If every one became great in every facet of existence,think what would the world come to......Human fascination for super bodies,super kids,super moms,super professionals,super boss(everything super and perfect) did not start with a certain Mr.Adolf Hitler(in whose case it reached maniacal proportion),it is there is every human being.To think of it we have been obsessed with the notion of perfectness(if there is a word like that).

Well for the record I think mediocrity is the wheel of superdom.Because an obsession with making everything perfect ,or even the search for it has been the cause for many a wars,strife,breakdowns,suicides...(God knows what else)

I for one, will not want a perfect friend or a perfect life partner or perfect parents or a perfect world, as it will make every day like the other.The world will become a more comprehensive version of 'Stepford Wives'......