Monday, June 9, 2008


Its a man's world..truly!!!And they stand all for one and one for all:)

I know i will get pelted by all the men in my life,freinds,colleagues, seniors,enemies-alike for saying something like this.Trust me it is an opinion that i have not formed overnight.It has brewed in my mind over innumerable portions of coffee and years of rumination.

Sexism is stronger than racism,it is stronger than than any -ism that one can think off.The male club is like an elite club which has resentfully provided entry to the so called weaker sex.Our entry to this elite club,is looked upon as an ode to the superiority,confidence and charitable spirit of the male population.

Well i can say for myself...I am walking into this club with my head held high,will order some coffee(definitely pay for it myself) and stare back at all the smirkers,ooglers,etc.Stop looking at us as outsiders....after all you spend most of your time thinking about us...If we can be in your mind and heart and hearth ,the club can't remain ALL MALE.